We have been offshore targeting sharks for the last few weeks with tremendous success.  We have landed 2 Mako’s and have caught and released a lot of blue sharks which give a fun fight.  We will continue to shark fish into October, while transitioning to tuna fishing until mid November.



Fantastic Fishing

After a tough stretch of fishing in late July, the action has been steady the last few weeks.  We have been primarily fishing with live and dead pogies throughout the harbor with great success.  The offshore waters are holding tuna and sharks.


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Bass are here

This past week the bass were very active feeding on schools of mackerel.  We have been able to catch plenty of mackerel each morning.  Live lining them has produced some very fun fishing.  The weather looks great this week and we know where the fish are feeding!  Call 617 275 6670 for your next fishing adventure.


May 2016 Fishing Special

Fishing Frenzy is pleased to offer the Flounder Fishing special again this May.  3 hour weekday flounder fishing for $325 (up to 4 people, weekdays May1-31)


The countdown begins

The 2016 season is approaching and we are very excited to start fishing.  The Fishing Frenzy is currently updating the electronics and getting some fresh paint.  For the 2016 season, you are allowed to keep 15 haddock each.  These trips will have limited dates starting May 1.  Please call Captain Scott with all haddock and ground fish inquiries.  The bass and winter flounder will be entering our waters in early to mid May.

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