Tuna Time

Mid September is always welcomed with open arms. With water temps still high enough to support all game fish species we target, now is the time to go fishing.  We have started to run regular tuna trips which have been successful.  The fish are very active and are biting. There is a ton of life including whales, dolphins, tuna, sharks, and bait.  This past week we targeted tuna and sharks.   The weather was perfect and we were able to land a nice 60″ fish for the table.  The shark fishing was exciting with many bluesharks coming right to the boat.   The inshore fishing is also red hot, the ticket to having a great day is to leave the dock early and fill the live well with mackerel and fishing them around feeding schools of fish.  There are still a ton of schoolies feeding daily in the harbor.  These feeds have made for great action on light tackle.


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