Super Moon, not so much Super Fishing

As cool as the sky looked each evening with the super moon, I am happy to see a new moon cycle.  The end of the week produced some nice 34″ fish before the Super Moon shut the fishing down.  The bass fishing was tough! We had some excellent clients and worked extremely hard searching different structure.  We were blessed with as much live bait as the boat could handle.  A few bluefish enjoyed the live mackerel, but the big bass were not interested.  Saturday afternoon we decided to do some inshore cod fishing and found some very nice schools of fish close to shore.  The rods were bent on every drop!

The weather was epic for a mid summer harbor cruise enjoyed by Katie, Laila, and Katelyn.  The super moon didn’t stop the evening harbor cruises.

As always, we guarantee a great day on the water with top quality customer service.  There are miles of mackerel, pogies, and squid in and around Boston, the fishing should get very good this week.



Happy 4th of July!

The fishing throughout the Boston area has been interesting over the last few weeks.   Some days the fish are all over the place eating anything thrown there way.  Other days we have been working very hard trying all techniques to get them to eat.  On the slower days the crew is putting in as much effort as anyone else and we are getting the fish to bite.  The most exciting trips have been watching bass from 30-48″ crashing herring out of the water.  We have been live lining mackerel with great success when we find the feeding fish.  The tuna are starting to fill into our waters and these trips will start very soon.  Shark season will be in full gear within a few weeks.


A shout out to Nardone Electric from Medford, MA.  We had big bass around the boat all morning, they got the job done with live bait.

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Boston Harbor Fishing Report June 5-7 2014

With the fishing season well under way the weather is finally cooperating.  The bass fishing has been decent with patience and live bait.  We have been catching plenty of mackerel in the morning and using them over the rock ledges throughout the harbor.  This method is producing fish up to 42″.

!  photo 3    photo 1 (6)

Major Bass and Bluefish Bite

photo 1 (4)Another heat wave for Boston and the fish responded in a way that many anglers extremely happy.  Bass from 28″-50″ were crashing herring all week for miles.  The fishing was epic and continues to be excellent.



Boston Fishing continues to be Excellent

There is a ton of bait set up in all the right places throughout Boston.  The early morning has produced some incredible top water action with big fish feeding on 3-4″ herring.  Sharks and Tuna are starting to show up offshore and it wont be long before Fishing Frenzy starts Tuna and Shark fishing.



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