Inshore and Offshore fishing is producing great catches.

The inshore trips targeting bass have produced some big fish lately. Some mornings the fish are feeding hard on pogies and herring creating non stop action while they are crashing bait on the surface. On other days they are not feeding like this and we switch gears and fish around structure. The offshore fishing is producing solid sharking action with chances of hooking a bluefin tuna.

Bass, Haddock, Tuna

The inshore fishing for bass has been excellent when leaving the dock before sunrise. It is spectacular watching big bass chase bait as the sun rises. I challenge everyone to wake up early to experience this. The near shore haddock fishing was as good as it gets this week. The tuna are here, if you would like a chance to battle one of the oceans strongest fish now through October is the time to go.

Incredible Early Morning Fishing

The early morning trips are producing trophy size bass that has produced lasting memories for everyone. We have been constantly catching bass up to 45 pounds at first light.

2020 Season is Underway!

We are now operating inshore charters for Bass and Flounder. The last month has produced excellent action on light tackle for bass and flounder. Slightly offshore we have been catching haddock that is an excellent eating fish. We are fortunate to be able to catch these bottom fish within 10 miles of shore. They will move east to the deeper water soon. Now is the time to book a haddock trip to fill the freezer.

Incredible offshore fishing

We have had numerous offshore trips targeting bluefin tuna and sharks.  We have fought some monster bluefin tuna on standup gear which is an incredible challenge!  The shark fishing is very strong right now.  All trips are producing action!  Bass fishing remains spotty with mostly small fish lately.  The fall run should turn the fishing red hot very soon.

Jumping Thresher Shark!

This past weekend we ventured out to the sharking grounds in hopes of catching big sharks.  We went to an area that has produced Makos and a Thresher in the past.  We setup or chum slick and within 10 minutes we were tight to a monster thresher shark.  The offshore fishing is excellent right now.  We will continue to target sharks for the next month, and tuna now until the end of October.  The inshore Bass fishing continues to be productive and will only get better as we enter the fall season.


Excellent Fishing

The Bass fishing has gotten steady in our waters.  We have been leaving the dock very early to catch live bait.  Once we reach the fishing grounds we have had great success catching Bass.  The inshore schoolie fishing is nonstop action with fish from 18″-24″.


Bass and Flounder

The last week in May was very productive for small bass and keeper flounder.  As we approached the first weekend in June we started catching keeper bass using live mackerel.  The fishing is getting better each day.  Boston harbor is loaded with bass from 18″-28″, with bigger bass mixed in.  Some of the surface feeds in the morning provide exceptional catching opportunities.



Haddock, Yum!

We kicked  off the 2018 season with great success.  Light winds lead us to the haddock grounds where we easily jigged up out limit of this delicious fish.  Haddock are in shallow waters until early June, making this fishery very fun and productive.


As Good as it Gets

The bass fishing has been outstanding.  We have started each of our morning trips getting live bait, which is a blast to catch.  Once we fill the livewell, the fishing begins almost instantly.  The fishing this past week has brought fish to the boat from 26″-46″.  The offshore bite is also on, we were lucky enough to have our first shark charter and the sharking was outstanding.


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