Fantastic Fishing

After a tough stretch of fishing in late July, the action has been steady the last few weeks.  We have been primarily fishing with live and dead pogies throughout the harbor with great success.  The offshore waters are holding tuna and sharks.


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Bass are here

This past week the bass were very active feeding on schools of mackerel.  We have been able to catch plenty of mackerel each morning.  Live lining them has produced some very fun fishing.  The weather looks great this week and we know where the fish are feeding!  Call 617 275 6670 for your next fishing adventure.


May 2016 Fishing Special

Fishing Frenzy is pleased to offer the Flounder Fishing special again this May.  3 hour weekday flounder fishing for $325 (up to 4 people, weekdays May1-31)


The countdown begins

The 2016 season is approaching and we are very excited to start fishing.  The Fishing Frenzy is currently updating the electronics and getting some fresh paint.  For the 2016 season, you are allowed to keep 15 haddock each.  These trips will have limited dates starting May 1.  Please call Captain Scott with all haddock and ground fish inquiries.  The bass and winter flounder will be entering our waters in early to mid May.

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Tuna Time

Mid September is always welcomed with open arms. With water temps still high enough to support all game fish species we target, now is the time to go fishing.  We have started to run regular tuna trips which have been successful.  The fish are very active and are biting. There is a ton of life including whales, dolphins, tuna, sharks, and bait.  This past week we targeted tuna and sharks.   The weather was perfect and we were able to land a nice 60″ fish for the table.  The shark fishing was exciting with many bluesharks coming right to the boat.   The inshore fishing is also red hot, the ticket to having a great day is to leave the dock early and fill the live well with mackerel and fishing them around feeding schools of fish.  There are still a ton of schoolies feeding daily in the harbor.  These feeds have made for great action on light tackle.


Epic Shark Day

August always surprises me with great fishing offshore, but this shark trip was special.  Some of my best friends chartered the boat for an all day shark trip.  The weather was great with a  south wind.  We steamed east of Boston for an hour and found some nice warm water with some great structure.  We setup our chum slick and hook baits in the deep water drifting into the shallows.  It took about an hour before the first shark showed up, the bait got hit hard and we were tight to our first blue shark of the day.  Elisabeth took full charge of the shark making a clean release after a few photos.  It took 2 minutes to get another bite, and the fight was on for Sean with a very solid blue shark that fought hard.  I thought we were into the blue sharks thick, but the bite died off after the second fish.  We all shared stories and ate lunch and then it happened….The bait that was 6 feet from the boat had a quick bite, then we all looked in the water and the rod starting to scream.  We all jumped into action and I knew this was not a blue shark.  Will jumped into the harness and had all he could handle just holding the rod while something was pulling drag on the 50 wide.  We immediately started the boat and began moving the fish to the stern of the boat.  After a long 20 minute battle Kellie ended the fight with a quick 15 minute battle.  We then had the leader in our hand and saw the massive tail of a Thresher shark.  The excitement quickly turned into a deep focus on how we would secure the fish safely.  After a tough boat side battle we were able to tail rope the fish and bring it on the deck of the boat.  What a day out East.  310 pound Thresher Shark!  It now makes sense why the blue shark bite shut off like a light switch, we had a big Thresher shark in out bait slick.  The fishing is excellent offshore, now is the time to book a trip of a lifetime.

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After a long winter, we finally got out on our first shark trip last week.  What a day!  Little to no wind, sunny, and 80 degrees.  The perfect day to be out on the water.  We setup just east of the bank and within 10 minutes we had our first 10′ blue shark on the line.  We were into sharks the entire day, having as much as 4 big sharks within 10 feet of the boat.  The water temperature is in the upper 60’s making the sharks very aggressive.  The sharking should be great through September, call Captain Scott to book a trip, dates are filling up quickly.


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Mid Season Report

The fishing lately has been very good with tons of bait in and around Boston.  The water temperature has risen to 70 degrees which has made the bass scatter and settle into cool areas with structure.  With the warmer water temp, we were greeted with huge bluefish that have been eating everything in site.  For more up to date reports please like my facebook page:



Excited for the 2015 Fishing Season to start…

With the winter holding a strong grip on us in the Northeast we are getting all the equipment in top working order for a great summer.   Last year brought a very inconsistent season.  We had some incredible days on the water and are hoping for the same results with a consistent pattern.  We look forward to seeing everyone soon.


July 27 Fishing Report

The crew of Fishing Frenzy has welcomed a new weather pattern with open arms.  Our trips since the super moon have been great.  We have found lots of fish using live bait and trolling plugs.  The sea conditions have been ideal for some offshore fun.  The whales have been very active providing excitement and memories that will last forever.  On the morning trips we have been working hard to get live bait which provides exciting fishing for Bass and Bluefish inshore.  On the slower days, we have managed to shift gears and catch inshore cod with great results.  The water temperatures offshore have reached the upper 60’s and this has brought the sharks and tuna to the waters we fish.  August and September are my favorite months to fish and wee look forward to seeing you on the water catching the big one!

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